Police Nabs Kenya man Who Slept with a minor and brags About it on Facebook

Mohammed Alfayo, the man who alleged on his

A matured Kenya man whose name on Facebook is Mohammed Alfayo have been caught by law enforcement agency after bragging about how he had sex with a minor in the bush..

He, however, said police were still looking for the girl “to establish whether the act was truly committed.”

“We have already commenced investigations. We will notify the public once we get to the bottom of the matter,” he went on.

On Monday, Alfayo bragged on his Facebook page about having sex with a minor.

He posted a picture of himself with the underage girl in a bush.

Below are his Facebook posts:
“Today I had s@x in the bush with a standard 4 kid…

Unawezapenda mtu lakini ukose kupendwa…so take may lovely b@tches”


He got what he deserve!


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