21 Chibok Girls Released After 2 Years

Some of the 21 freed girls appear Thursday in Banki, Nigeria, in a photo obtained exclusively by CNN.

Out of the over 200 school girls abducted by the dreaded Islamist terrorist (Boko Haram) in 2014, 21 of them have regained their freedom.
This was as a result of the government's negotiation with the terrorist.
The girls were freed at the early hours of the day in the northeastern Nigerian town of Banki, near the border with Cameroon, a source close to the negotiations said on condition of anonymity.

The Minister of Information, Mohammed Lai has come to say no Boko Haram suspect were swapped, we just hope he is telling the truth.

The names of the released girls/woman are:
1. Mary Usman Bulama
2. Jummai John
3. Blessing Abana
4. Lugwa Sanda
5. Comfort Habila
6. Maryam Basheer
7. Comfort Amos
8. Glory Mainta
9. Saratu Emannuel
10. Deborah Ja’afaru
11. Rahab Ibrahim
12. Helen Musa
13. Maryamu Lawan
14. Rebecca Ibrahim
15. Asabe Goni
16. Deborah Andrawus
17. Agnes Gapani
18. Saratu Markus
19. Glory Dama
20. Pindah Nuhu
21. Rebecca Mallam

However, reports has it that 18 out of the 21 girls are pregnant..


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