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Woman, 74, freed after 32 years in prison for murder she didn't commit

LOS ANGELES -- A 74-year-old woman was released from prison late Monday evening after serving 32 years for a murder committed by her abusive boyfriend.

Mary Virginia Jones walked out of Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood just before midnight to the tears and cheers of family and friends, The Los Angeles Times reports.

Jones was convicted of first-degree murder, kidnapping and robbery in a 1981 shooting death, but Los Angeles Superior Court Judge William Ryan set aside those convictions on Monday, reports CBS Los Angeles.

The district attorney's office has agreed to accept a plea of no contest to voluntary manslaughter in exchange for Jones' release. Jones has already served 11,875 days, which exceeds the 11-year maximum sentence for voluntary manslaughter.

Jones' case was taken up by the University of Southern California's Post-Conviction Justice Project. It contends Jones' boyfriend, Mose Willis, kidnapped two drug dealers and forced the wom…

'Female Baby Having Two Heads' Born In India

Conjoined twins were born at a hospital in northern India on Wednesday morning.
"Yes this report is perfectly true that we have delivered a female baby having two heads,” Dr. Ashish Sehgal, the CEO of Cygnus JK Hindu Hospital, told in an email. “She is presently alive and healthy.”
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The New York Daily News reports that the babies' mom, Urmila Sharma, couldn't afford an ultrasound and didn't know she was delivering conjoined twins.
"We only came to know she was carrying conjoined twins after an ultrasound two weeks ago but it was too late to do anything by then," Dr Shikha Malik, who delivered the baby, said.
According to the Daily Mail, the twins have "two heads, two necks and two spines," but just one body and their chances for survival are slim.
Sehgal told the Daily News that a “meticulous and challenging” surgery could be the key to saving the twins' life, but the procedure can't take place until…


Born from the trenches of Spartan Races, the Reebok All-Terrain Series is strategically designed with drainage ports that drain water quickly and easily and 360 degrees of traction to shed mud…..The shoe that can handle any abuse a Spartan can give it so you are unstoppable on any course.

Lightweight and breathable this shoe has it all. With a rubberized tongue (complete with holes to help expel water) the Reebok All-Terrain has been generating a ton of excitement from the folks at HQ. Everything from it’s ability to drain water, to it’s lightweight breathable construction has the staff talking about how they can’t wait to get them dirty. With colors that are bright and inviting this shoe is sure to become a fan favorite on the course when it drops in March. Make sure you keep your eye out for it on the shelves in the next couple weeks. Order nowEarn Your Medals! Not Just one, but 2! Run in any of our Sprint, Super, and/…

This Hospital Took The Fears Of Children And Turned Them Into Something Awesome. This Is GREAT.

Going to the hospital can be an intimidating and frightening event, even for adults. So, when children need to go to the hospital, it’s even more stressful on the entire family. That’s why the New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital decided to come up with a way to help kids relax while they’re getting procedures. It’s so cute.

They needed to replace their current machine.

So, instead of just buying a machine that would deliver a smaller dosage of radiation…

The hospital also decided to give the machine a makeover.

The room is completely decked out in pirate decor.
And it’s not scary pirates, either. The funny animal pirates are adorable and keep the kids distracted.
Even the parents that have seen the CT scan are pleased with the results.

Machines like this are usually loud and upsetting for children.
But when the kids feel like brave pirates?
It doesn’t seem so bad. Children aren’t the only ones afraid of the doctor. I know quite a few people who would prefer t…

This Recently Married Man Just Realized Marriage Is Not For Him. You Have To Read What He Wrote.

This is Seth Adam Smith and his wife, Kim. They’ve been married a year and a half, and Seth just realized: marriage is not for him.

He realized it’s MUCH more than that. This is a recent entry from his blog. It’s well worth reading.
Marriage Isn’t For You
Having been married only a year and a half, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that marriage isn’t for me.
Now before you start making assumptions, keep reading.
I met my wife in high school when we were 15 years old. We were friends for ten years until…until we decided no longer wanted to be just friends.  I strongly recommend that best friends fall in love. Good times will be had by all.
Nevertheless, falling in love with my best friend did not prevent me from having certain fears and anxieties about getting married. The nearer Kim and I approached the decision to marry, the more I was filled with a paralyzing fear. Was I ready? Was I making the right choice? Was Kim the right person to marry? Would she make me happy?

11 Ways Mainstream Porn Misleads Women About Sex

Anyone who has watched even a few minutes of porn may end up with some very particular ideas about what real-world sex entails.
Porn -- at least, the kind where super-toned, tanned, hairless women are penetrated in a variety of acrobatic positions by equally toned, tanned men -- is full of myths about sex. Redditor black_brotha decided to ask women on the site what they "learned" from porn that turned out to be completely untrue in the real world.
Here are 11 of the most worrying un-truths women said porn taught them:
1. That their bodies were abnormal: "I was 100% convinced that I needed labiaplasty and was really ashamed to be naked in front of [a] guy because I thought he would think I was a freak."
2. That all sex focuses on the guy's pleasure: "I thought having sex with a man meant having to pretend I enjoyed it even if I wasn't, that it didn't matter if I had an orgasm, and that it was normal for a guy not to give a shit about my pleasu…

These 22 Amazing Facts About Tigers Blew My Mind…But The Last 5 Brought Me To Tears

Tigers are some of the most amazing creatures on the planet.  In fact, Animal Planet recently voted tigers to be one of the world’s most favorite animal.  But a great deal of what we think we know about tigers is colored by common misconceptions or confusion with other large cats.  Perhaps if we grow better informed about these powerful beasts that are on the brink of extinction, we can help grow their numbers once again.
Here are 22 amazing facts about tigers you probably do not know… 1. A tiger’s legs are so powerful that they can remain standing even when dead… Tigers have been known to have been shot, bleed out, and die, all while standing up. Pretty crazy. 2. They are the largest of all the big cats, weighing up to 300k (700 pounds)… Just a little size comparison for you. Look at dem paws. 3. If you look a tiger in the eyes he is less likely to kill you…