Meet Khoudia Diop- The Dark Goddess- Model

Khoudia Diop, nicknamed - Darky, daughter of the night, mother of the stars.”  took over the internet with her dark glowing skin.
 Khoudia says she was bullied as a youngster due to her skin tone and that made her loose confidence but at a point, she ignored the negativity and stayed
focus on her game..
She has been getting loads of good comment on her Instagram handle @melaniin.goddess  and her facebook profile url is :

More pic below after the cut..

Photo by: Khoudia Diop

Photo by Khoudia Diop

Drawing by: @osaze_akil 

Can you identify her?

More of her in the mist of other models

"We didn't come here to be perfect... our journey isn't about everyone loving us, choosing us, or even understanding us. It's about our being brave enough to let someone in that wants to try."

Khoudia with her BF


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