12-Year-Old Boy To Marry 11-year-old Girl In Egypt

A rich man in Egypt who goes by the name Nasser Hassan is receiving heavy backlash
for his decision to get a wife for his 12 year-old son.
He made the annoucement while celebrating his eldest son's wedding where he invited various
singers and belly dancers to perform.
Adding insult to injury, his 12-year-old son, Omar would be getting married to his 11-year-old cousin
Child marriage is common practice in Egypt even though Egyptian laws prohibit official registration for marriages for anyone under the age of 18. But the practice remains prevalent. According to UNICEF, 17 percent of Egyptian girls are married before the age of 18, the vast majority of the unions taking place in rural areas.

But in the case of Omar and Gharam, their engagement sparked outrage, particularly among child and women’s rights activists. The photos of the young couple – Omar in a blue suit, heavily made-up Gharam in a white dress, high heels, and wearing a tiara – splashed across newspapers in the country and heightened the anger.

Omar’s father, faced with the backlash of his decision, told local newspapers that he "is a free man and did nothing wrong."

Curled from; www.washingtonpost.com


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