Human Skeleton found in a Pastor's house in Ogun state

A man who claim to be a man of God is cooling his heels at the Police Head Quarters in Ogun State as Human Skeleton was found in his house .
The shocking discovery was made when the landlady took some guys to the pastor's house in order to eject him for his inability to pay his house rent but they got the shocker of their life when they saw a human skeleton.
The landlady raised an alarm which attracted the people in the neighbourhood who later alerted the police.
However the supposed pastor, who owns a Church, made some revelations about the skeleton. He alleged that it belonged to his sister. His parents had just three children - himself and two sisters. He lived with them in the flat but after a while, one of his sisters named Funmi wasn't seen again.

When people asked about her, "he would say she went to the mountain."

She however allegedly died since 2010 and her body was abandoned in the house. (From the position of the skeleton, it appears she was kneeling on the ground, The Police has since whisked him away.

The incident occurred in the Akute, boundary between  Lagos / Ogun State.

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