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Eight Prisoners Executed for Drug Smuggling in Indonesia

Despite pleas from world leaders and International bodies, The Indonesia authority stood her ground and proceeded in carrying out an execution against eight convicted drug smugglers.
They were nine convicted drug smugglers, but the ninth person is yet to be executed.
Mary Jane Veloso's execution was put on hold after someone who allegedly framed her into carrying the drugs gave himself in. She is from Philippines.
Among those executed were three Nigerian Nationals, there is a controversy surrounding the Nationality of the fourth person, Some says he's a Nigerian while others claim is a Ghanian, others are 2 Australian Nationals, a Brazilian, and an Indonesian citizen.
The execution was carried out early on Wednesday morning local time in Besi prison on the Island of Nusakambanga.
We pray for the souls of the dead.

Last day for Indonesia Drug Smugglers

In less than twelve hours, the nine drug smugglers in Indonesia  otherwise known as Bali 9, will be executed despite pleas from the International Community.
The Indonesia authority has come out to say that they have no place for drug traffickers in the homeland and anyone caught will not be spared.
The nine convicts has been notified on Saturday as it is expedient that  they give a 72-hour notice to the convicts of their execution.
Included in the convicts are nationals from Brazil, Philippines, Nigeria, Australia and Indonesia

Below are brief profiles of the convicts:

Myuran Sukumaran A ringleader of the Bali Nine drugs smuggling syndicate, Sukumaran was born in London in 1981 and moved with his Sri Lankan family to Australia when he was a child. He dropped out of university and became involved in the Sydney drugs and party scene. Enticed by the prospect of easy money, in 2005 he helped to organise a shipment of heroin destined for Australia, but was caught and sentenced to death a ye…

Saudi Officials Claim to Stop Bomb Attack on US Embassy

Saudi Arabia security have come out to say they aborted a bomb attack by a Muslim militant group against the US Embassy in Riyadh in the month of March.

The terrorist group involve two Syrians and a Saudi citizen, who were planning a suicide bomb attack against the US Embassy.
However, the three suspects have been detained with 93 other people alleged for involving in militancy.