How To Know if your PC is infected with Viruses, Trojans or Malwares

Your computer just crashed because of some virus you couldn’t really detect? Or you failed to rectify it at an earlier stage? In most of the cases that’s what the problem turns out to be. Different viruses have different functional programs, and hence it's not easy to identify them, and throw them out of your computer. But there are surely some preventive measures you could take to identify them at an early stage, and get them rectified. Here are some of them –
Programs shut down : Programs dont crash suddenly until and unless the computer is infected with some form if virus or trojan. It links itself to various codes at the same time and thus end up in the computer getting hanged  more than often.
Network traffic : Despite the internet being turned off, if downloads and uploads continue to take place, its a case of viruses either uploading your personal data to some remote computer, or downloads of viruses that end up corrupting your software. To avoid this, keep a strict security over your wireless connections.
Issues with the internet : Slow internet? Or no access to your wireless services? This may be an outcome of some virus in your computer. Or it may also be due to some problem with the service providers.
Pop ups and redirections: Regular pop-ups, or stupid redirections to sites you have no connections to. It may be because if some malware or a virus infection.
Booting not done :  This may be because of corruption due to some malware in the operating system. And re-installation or repairing it all over again would be the only possible solution in such a case.
Slow computer : Viruses are designed for specifically making your pc slow, and maintaining the CPU usage to a constant if 100% at all the times. Keep a check on the task manager for details. If that’s the case, your computer is surely corrupted with a virus.
Weird behaviour : Random emails being sent, associations of one file to other irrelevant ones, automatic opening and closing of window programmes, are a symptom that your computer is infected with viruses. Be aware.
Most viruses and malware can however be avoided by having a strong and powerful antivirus,and following some security measures.


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