15 Hollywood Celebrities Who Did Breast Enlargment

In Hollywood, appearance is everything, which is why plastic surgery has become a common event in many celebrities’ lives. It’s funny, though, because not that long ago, no one ever talked openly about or admitted to having work done. But then some top celebrities started speaking very candidly about getting work – a LOT of work – done, and suddenly it became okay to admit you went under the knife. Nowadays, most celebs don’t even bother hiding the fact they’ve had work done. In fact, going under the knife is encouraged by agents and managers to ensure a nice, long career.

Heidi Montag


For a young lady who is only in her early 20s, reality star Heidi Montag has undergone quite a few enhancement procedures. She has actually been quoted as saying she is beyond obsessed with being perfect. She got her original boob job done soon after landing her role on The Hills, but she really went for it in 2009 when she had another surgery which increased her breasts to a size DDD cup.

Victoria Beckham


Wife of former Manchester United player, Victoria Beckham first went under the knife to get breast implants back in 1999. She went from a very flat 34A to a curvy 34D. But that wasn’t enough for the pop diva, who 2 years later increased her boobs to a 34DD. But her frame was so small that these boobs looked awkward and in 2009 she had the whole thing redone and ended up with a nice 34B.

Sarah Jessica Parker


Sarah Jessica Parker, has such a profound love of couture that she decided to undergo breast enhancement because her chest was so flat is was not a good canvas for clothing.

Pamela Anderson


When you think about it, Pamela Anderson is kind of the poster child for fake boobs. She made jaws drop when she posed for playboy with her massive hooters back in the 90s. Then her fans were shocked when in 1999 she had those hooters removed, but then she had another change of heart and got her huge hooters back in 2004.


Tara Reid


Kinda sad because Tara Reid, best known for her role in American Pie, originally got breast implants because her own boobs were noticeably uneven. Fair enough. But she ended up not only getting a really bad boob job (she actually appears on “ugliest boob jobs ever” lists) but she actually got implants that were dangerous and almost killed her and she had to eventually get them removed.

Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan  had her implant at the young age of 17. WTF!

Janet Jackson


If you ever get to see Janet Jackson's picture in the famous Rolling Stone cover and her infamous nip slip during the Super Bowl halftime show. You would realize that her boobs has increased greatly.

Tori Spelling


Tori Spelling got her first boob job way back in the day when she was filming the second season of Beverly Hills 90210. Since that time she has gone through several other augmentation surgeries, most likely because her body has gone through some major changes popping out those babies.

Britney Spears

www.breatheheavy.com She grew up in front of our eyes and went crazy and shaved her head. She also got a boob job after the success of her debut album back in 2000. She later had her boobs decreased and they looked much better.

Tila Tequila


Tila Tequila did the smart thing when she got her boobs done. She has a tiny frame which can make those whooper D’s look ridiculous, so Tila opted to simply go up to a C cup. So they look fairly natural until she poses topless and then you can see how they stand at hard attention and the nipples go a little bit sideways, like lazy eyes. Lazy nipples.

Christina Aguilera


Another Mousketeer who felt the need to go under the knife to inch her career along. Aguilera went from an A cup to a C cup. We wish we could say her knockers look great, but if one inspects them closely, one will see that perhaps the surgeon made a mistake because one of her boobs seems to be dented.



 Her boobs were absolutely fine before but she succumbed to some kind of dumb pressure and got her a fake set. She did end up getting her implants either reduced or removed but the job still looks very much botched.

Nicole Richie


Before her boob job back in 2006, Nicole Richie truly looked like a boy. A boy with really big, pretty eyes. Between having absolutely no boobs and being rail-thin, she was flat as a board. Nicole did the smart thing and took her small frame into consideration and only opted to get little boobies that look natural.

Kelli Pickler


It seems like once ex-American Idol contestant Kelli Pickler started getting a tiny iota of attention, she went directly to the boob doctor and did not pass go. She ended up showing off her new orbs when she made a return performance on Idol in 2007. Kelli also seems like one of those women who are a bit desperate for attention, so we wonder when the next procedure will be and what she’ll have done.

Rosario Dawson


Rosario Dawson is a gorgeous and talented actress known for her work in such films as Men in Black II, Sin City, Kids, and 25th Hour. Somewhere along her journey to stardom she stopped by the plastic surgeon and got a set of gravity-defying jugs. Personally, we don’t like ‘em. Rosario always struck us as one of those earthy and natural women and now her cans looks, well, fake and bad. Just our 2 cents – you may keep the change.











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