15 Awful Family Photos

There's love in sharing so says a cliche, I stumbled across some 'beautiful' family photos, so i decided to share with my readers..
We all love to take pictures, it reminds us of memories, good memories to be precise, but sometimes, things can go pretty bad!

1 Let’s All Jump!


Everyone jump! someone said, but sadly, the little girl didn’t get the message.

2 Just One More


… one more, then you can go and pee or play or whatever you want!

3 Bundles of Joy


The little kids are practicing the irony of the letters they are holding! 

4 The One Sane Person


 What happens if your family is kind of insane and you’re the only normal person?

5 Deliverance Time


 The young boy already know his calling



6 Let’s Swing the Kids!


Let’s just swing the kids a littl – whoooops!


7 Christmas Card


Who wouldn’t like to get this Christmas card? I can think of a few people.

8 Engagement Pic


Believe it or not, this is an engagement picture. Was the pic taken during the Ebola scare?

9 Secret Serial Killer


If I was mom, I would be worried. Very worried.

10 Weeeeeeet!


Don’t you hate those amusement park pics?

11 Same Hairdresser


You guys, it really is okay to have different hairdos. Really.

12 All’s Green

www.dailymail.co.uk Seems it's just the kids that noticed things arent right.


Why do families get the idea that it’s cool if everyone wears the same on the picture?

14 The Aliens are Coming


Or something. The parents of the bride don’t look to pleased, anyway.


 15 Do Not Want!


No, you said “only one more” half an hour ago! I’m out of here!





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