Why we want pension for speakers, deputy speakers, Lagos lawmaker

By Olaolu Oladipo, Lagos

The Chairman of the Committee on Information and Strategy of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Tunde Braimoh has defended the Pension Bill for Speakers and Deputy Speakers by members.

According to him, the law is meant to take care of the leaders of the House after they must have left office.

The Pension Law is entitled; “A Bill For A Law To Amend The Payment of Pensions and Other Fringe Benefits To Public Office Holders In Lagos State and For Connected Purposes.”

It is stated in the amendment that the Principal Law is amended by deleting the meaning of “Public Office Holder” and replacing it with “Public Office Holder” means Governor, Deputy Governor, Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

The law may be amended as Public Office Holder (Payment of Pension Amendment) Law 2016.

The lawmaker spoke at the opening of a 4-day workshop organised by the Assembly for journalists covering the assembly and the public affairs team of the Assembly, he represented the Speaker of the House, Hon. Mudashiru Obasa, the event took place at the Centre for Management Development, Shangisha, Ketu.

He revealed that he has attended to several interviews on the matter in the last few days, adding that the law would not be passed through the back door.

“People would still be called upon to contribute to the law through public hearing. The law is already in existence, but it only caters for the governors and deputy governors. But we felt that the leaders of the House should also have that kind of benefit so that they would not suffer, when they leave office.

“The legislature is the watchdog of the executive, so they should have a secured future so that they would not compromise their offices,” he said.

He said further that the pension of the speakers and the deputy speakers would be dependent on the number of years each of them serves, adding that the military has distorted the experience the people would have had on the legislature.

The theme of the workshop is; “Legislative Communication and Citizen Engagement-An Integrated Approach.”
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