Ooni of Ife seeks cultural rebirth to address problems plaguing Nigeria

Ooni of Ife Enitan Ogunwunsi

By Olaolu Oladipo, Lagos

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II has called for cultural rebirth in the country’s bid to overcome it’s multifaceted problems.
He spoke as the guest lecturer at the University of Lagos School of Postgraduate Studies 2015/2016 Annual Lecture titled: ‘Redefining the Role of Traditional Institution for National Development.’
The monarch said the adoption of western culture has led to the loss of African values, noting that traditional rulers in the country have been relegated.
He explained that traditional institution which used to play dominant role before independence had been incapacitated by the 1999 constitution.
Ogunwusi said politicians who ought to defend the institution refused to fight for it, according to him, led to societal decadence.
He said: “Traditional institution is very important in nation building because the are closer to the grassroots. The institution was well recognised in pre-colonial days and during the constitutional development days.
“The various constitutions put forward then recognised the importance of traditional institutions but unfortunately the 1999 constitution whittles the influence of traditional institutions.
“Our political leaders were so afraid to defend the institution which is closer to the people and where electoral success of any politician in the country is derived.”
The Oba said he will continue to promote the course of traditional institution because it is the bulwark of development in any country.
“We will live by example, bring back the values that promote our well being, the value that enhances peace and progress. it is a place where the people look forward to for solution any time things went wrong.
“Incidentally, we have everything to make us great but we don’t believe in ourselves rather you see brother rising against brother, lawlessness in what we do and disobedience to rule and regulation of the country.
“The West cash on our ignorance by adopting those vital thing that can make a country great and use them for their own advantage. We are all aware that civilization started from Africa but the Blackman sees what they took away from us as fetish.
“There is the urgent need to look inward, particularly those things that our ancestors bestowed on us. They gave us the Ifa which research has proven that most scientific terms and method use world over were borrowed from it.
“We must support government in order to attain progress because the government alone cannot do it. I there urge the leaders of this country to show compassion, love, accommodation toward their people only then will they not be forgotten,” he said.
Chairman of the occasion, Mr. Fola Adeola the University of Lagos Post Graduate Studies should be supported in its plans to assist student who need finance for its research.


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