Check Out Brand New pic of 'Home Alone movie Star-Macaulay Culkin

After his part as the protagonist in 1994's Richie Rich, Macaulay seemingly vanished.

And it's not like the film was bad. In fact, it brought in $125 million on VHS purchases alone! But as we all know, the years to come left many people worried for Macaulay's well-being...

For the next decade Macaulay was nowhere to be found.

The popular child star went missing during the highest point of his young career. Then, out of nowhere, he reappeared in guest roles on shows like Will And Grace and in several minor films. But something seemed different.
Macaulay Culkin star as James in the scene of 'Sex and Breakfast.'

Fans began noticing that Macaulay appeared to be unhealthy.

Many rumors began circulating about drug and alcohol use, health issues and even psychological problems. At an all time low, Macaulay was so skinny that he was even hard to look at. 

Most recently he appeared in a haunting reprisal of his beloved Home Alone character Kevin McCallister.

Rumors of his psychological well-being continued to spread. 
Dryvers Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin looks good again!

He made an appearance this year in the long awaited ‘Zoolander 2’ where he made a cameo as himself. Hopefully we get to see more of the beloved actor on screen and off!

Well apparently Macaulay is trying his hardest to turn his life around.

He has been eating well, working out and even practicing good hygiene! I mean look at him - he's cute again!
We hope he stays that way...


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