Alton Sterling: Tension Grows in US over Killing of Black Man. #blacklivesmatter

Demonstrators mourned the loss of Alton Sterling, chanting "black lives matter" and "hands up don't shoot" [Bryn Stole/Reuters]

Protests have grown in the US over the killing of Alton Sterling, a black man who was shot dead by white police in Louisiana, as an investigation into his death was announced.
Hundreds gathered in Baton Rouge on Wednesday night, a day after Sterling was wrestled to the ground by two officers and killed outside a shop as he sold CDs - an incident filmed with a mobile phone.
The rallies came as more mobile phone footage alleged to be of the incident emerged, and as the United States Justice Department said it would investigate the killing.
Many carried signs to express their anger and demand for justice, blocking streets near the shop where Sterling, a father of five, died.
Demonstrators chanted "black lives matter" and "hands up don't shoot".
Protesters and friends of Sterling had earlier erected a makeshift memorial on the white folding tables and fold-out chair he had used to sell mixtape CDs.
A community vigil in memory of Alton Sterling was held and tributes poured from friends and family [Jeffrey Dubinsky/Reuters]
Alton Sterling, 37, was a father of five and used to sell CDs outside the Triple Mart store in Baton Rouge [Reuters]

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