Nigerian Man Who Fled Boko Haram Killed In Racist Attack in Italy

36 years old   Emmanuel Chidi Namdi who had recently fled to Europe to escape Boko Haram militants was beaten to death on the streets of Italy this week as he tried to defend his wife against racist abuse.
Him and wife Chimiary, 24, were walking through the northern Italian town of Fermo on Tuesday when a man called Chimiary a “monkey” and tried to grab her, according to local priest Vinicio Albanesi, a friend of the couple.
Namdi intervened, and the resulting fight left him in a coma. He was pronounced dead on Wednesday.
Amedeo Mancini, a 38-year-old Italian man who is part of an “ultras” gang of extremist soccer fans, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of killing Namdi. Mancini told investigators that he’d insulted the couple because he thought they were stealing a car, and he claimed that he’d acted in self defense after Namdi attacked him, HuffPost Italy reported.
But Chimiary told the priest that the attacker had bludgeoned her husband with a road sign and continued to beat him as he lay unconscious on the ground, according to HuffPost Italy. 
The couple had made a difficult journey from Nigeria to Italy last year after their church was attacked by Boko Haram militants.
The couple had been married just six months, although their tragic love story began long before that.
They had originally planned to wed in Nigeria, but when militants from the extremist group Boko Haram attacked their local church and killed several of their relatives, the couple decided to flee. Chimiary was pregnant and thought that Nigeria was not a safe place to bring their child into the world, according to Italy’s Red Cross.
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