Dog Buried Alive And Left To Die Saved In Nick Of Time

French mastiff found buried alive
A DOG which had been buried alive and left to die has survived after being found on the brink of death.
The female French Mastiff had been left with just her head visible with her lead tied to a bag of gravel on waste land west of Paris.
Rocks around her are believed to have been thrown at her before she was left to die.
French mastiff found buried alive 
She was said to be 'dehydrated and shocked' when discovered by a local dog-walker, Pedro Dinis, who shared pictures of the rescue on Facebook.

He said: "Only her head was visible and it was difficult to see given the amount of earth covering her."
 French mastiff found buried alive 
Police tracked down the dog's 21-year-old owner, who faces trial next March. He insists she had run away before the incident.
He is currently facing a possible two years in prison and the equivalent of a £21,000 fine, but a petition has been launched by outraged locals to secure a maximum sentence.

Source: the sun


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