Bill Gates' Wife Washes Dishes and Fetches Water in Malawi

Wife of the World's richest man, Melinda Gates was seen doing some house chores with Malawain women in a remote village in Malawi.
She had to carry 20 litres of water on her head, something she has never done in her entire life,
She said it was a sweet and nice experience for her,though a tough one.

She added, “The woman in the middle, Chrissy, carried 40 litres of water and I was very impressed at how the women were able to do this with ease.”
Her photographs were captioned:

“Helping wash the dishes during my home stay in Malawi. Women spend much of the day cooking and then cleaning up. It’s a reminder that it’s a lot more time consuming to do dishes when you can’t just turn on a faucet caption.
Below are pictures of her ...>>>
bill's wife 2
Melinda Gates washing plates

bill's wife 1
Melinda Gates carrying 20 litres of water

She even tweeted about the experience.. see it below


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