9-Year-Old Girl Pregnant After Rape by 10 ISIS Men

Displaced people from the minority Yazidi sect, who fled violence in the Iraqi town of Sinjar, sleep on the ground at Bajed Kadal refugee camp, southwest of Dohuk province, August 23, 2014.

A nine-year-old Yazidi girl, who had been raped by at least 10 frontline militants and suicide bombers of the Islamic State terror group in Iraq, is pregnant, and an aid worker says she is so young that she could die if she delivers a baby. She is among more than 200 Yazidi women and children released last week after eight months in captivity.

"This girl is so young she could die if she delivers a baby," thestar.com quotes Yousif Daoud, a Canadian-based aid worker who recently returned from the region, as saying. "Even a caesarian section is dangerous. The abuse she has suffered left her mentally and physically traumatized."

The girl was released along with other women and children last week. "Sending back those girls and women is a way of shaming the whole community," added Daoud, not his real name.

The aid worker said most of the men who assaulted her are from Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, are frontline fighters or suicide bombers, and they were given girls "as a reward."

It will be difficult for the women and girls to live in their communities. "If they are married, their husbands won't take them back if they are pregnant. And it's clear that the babies will never be accepted," Daoud said. "I don't know what the future would be for their babies. The girls and women don't want them. They have suffered so much they just want to forget."

A Kurdish aid group has taken the pregnant girl to Germany to be looked after by a medical charity.

The Yazidi minority is one of the main ISIS targets, along with Christians.

There are about 600,000 Yazidis in Iraq, who consider themselves to be Kurds ethnically and live mostly in north-central Ninevah province and northeastern Iraqi Kurdistan.

Source: Christian Post


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