Sports - German Goalkeeper Concede 43 Goals In One Match

Christian Schröer, manager of the defeated team, SV Vonderort II, tells us:
"In each case shortly after the offense they have us directly taken the ball and then immediately played and made towards the goal, that was disappointing. In the end it is always collapsed. "
At halftime of SV Vonderort had only eight players
For the rough defeat, there were several reasons: "We had so few people that we have replenished our team with old boys players. Then two or three very young players were still in the process. One is simply gone home during the game. At halftime we had only eight players on the field. " 
A group of eight men over the age of 20 to 55 years - and there was already 35: 0 for PSV.
To be fair, Oberhausen renounced also to three players
Goalkeeper Marco Kwiotek (25) from SV Vonderort II who fished the ball 43 times from the network, was the poorest dog. "I want to forget this game as soon as possible," Marco said after the game.
Faire gesture after all: The superior team waived three players and also went to only eight kickers.

However, five days later at a training session, two police cars arrived at Vonderort’s training ground in Bottrop (around 30 miles west of Dortmund). The 25-year-old keeper was escorted from the training field by armed officers and brought to the local police station for questioning.
The circumstances of the police inquiry are unclear and Kwiotek has since failed to answer his phone.
Club managing director Christian Schröer told Express that he hopes the shot stopper will be available for selection in Vonderort’s next game. Hopefully, he won’t have to reach into the net quite so often in that one. 


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