Eminem attacks Caitlyn Jenner in rap- 'I see the b---- in you'

Eminem has called Caitlyn Jenner a "b***h" in an explosive freestyle rap.

Rapper Eminem, whose lyrics have tended to court controversy over the course of his career, performed a freestyle rap on Thursday's Sway in the Morning show that contained a transphobic slur against Caitlyn Jenner.

"I invented prick, and that's a true statement, I see the (expletive) in you, Caitlyn / Keep the pistol tucked like Bruce Jenner's (expletive)," he rapped. After pausing he also added: "No disrespect though, not at all, no pun intended, that took a lot of balls."
The rap also contained shots at Donald Trump and Bill Cosby, as well as references to violence against Miley Cyrus. "I'm (expletive) worse than Donald Trump / On Lexapro in Mexico across from a Texaco in a McDonald's drunk."

"I made monopoly off misogyny," he rapped at the end of the freestyle, and then referenced the sexual assault allegations against Cosby. "No wonder you scoff at me, it's obvious I'm as off-putting as Bill Cosby is / Treat women like property, possessive like a noun with an apostrophe."

Of Cyrus he rapped, "I'm coming through like a wrecking ball / You would swear I think highly of Miley / And I respect her the way I backhand her," he rapped (with "backhand" sounding much like "back Hannah," potentially a reference to Cyrus' old Hannah Montana character).

After finishing his freestyle, Eminem said it was all spontaneous and not intended to be a personal insult against any of the figures he mentioned. "I just say (expletive) to say it. It's very rarely personal," he said. "If it was personal, somebody would know. It's all in fun." You can listen to the freestyle here, although it contains the very strong and NSFW language described above.

This is only the latest instance of the rapper causing a stir. Eminem's lyrics have been a point of contention his whole career -- a 2000 profile of the rapper by the Guardian labelled him a "misogynist, homophobe, (and) hero." In the fall of 2014, he freestyled about punching Lana Del Ray before threatening to rape Iggy Azalea.

While the rapper's words might not be kind, they are certainly diverse.
Song analysis released by Musixmatch this week found that Eminem had the widest vocabulary in popular music.

The study analysed the 99 best-selling artists from 25 genres to see how many unique words were used in each musician's 100 most "lyrically dense" tracks.

Eminem came out on top in the study, with a lyrical vocabulary of 8818 words.

Rappers Jay-Z (6899 words), 2Pac (6596 words) and Kanye West (5069 words) took out the next three places, with acclaimed lyricist Bob Dylan coming in at number five with a unique word count of just 4883.


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