Man Transforms Himself Into Kim Kardashian With Just Makeup

Dad Transforms Himself Into Kim Kardashian With Just Makeup
Paolo Ballesteros, a Filipino actor, host, and TV model enjoys showcasing his mind-blowing cosmetic skills. And this time, he's morphed himself into aplatinum blonde Kim Kardashian and a puckered-lipped Kylie Jenner (with bulging cleavage too!)

Ballesteros uses makeup, wigs, and occasionally contact lenses to transform himself into some of the fiercest personalities out there — from Miley Cyrus to Meryl Streep and Katy Perry to BeyoncĂ©. Personally, I can barely apply eyeshadow without looking like I got punched in the face; so how this 31-year-old father of three has contouring down to a science and lip-liner nailed to perfection makes me a tad envious (though I do prefer a more natural look). If anything, his looks make for some great costume party inspiration. 
All photos courtesy of @pochoy_29/Instagram


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