ISIS Embraces Boko Haram allegiance

A Boko Haram flag flutters from an abandoned command post in Gamboru deserted after Chadian troops chased them from the border town. (Stephane Yas, AFP)

In a desperate attempt to remain relevant and survive the onslaught melted against them, leaders of the dreaded Islamic extremist in the Northern part of Nigeria pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group (ISIS) and in response to that allegiance, ISIS has accepted the pledge.
According to ISIS spokesperson.
"We announce to you to the good news of the expansion of the caliphate to West Africa because the caliph... has accepted the allegiance of our brothers of the Sunni group for preaching and the jihad," ISIS spokesperson Mohammed al-Adnani said in the message, using the Arabic name for Boko Haram.
UPSHOT: We hope their evil allegiance will not stand.


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