Relationship No No's

When It's Time to Take a Stand

Oh no. No. Here are some relationship don’ts that could be warning signs

Babbling to Everyone About Your Relationship

Let’s not air our dirty laundry on a hot summer day. Or to everyone in the vicinity.
Babbling about your personal relationship to anyone that will listen is grounds for serious discussion. You have to question why you need to talk to everyone about your personal life, and why your problems are being rotated around the gossip mill. A more important question to ponder is: Why aren’t you telling these things to your significant other?   
There’s nothing wrong with sharing tidbits, but keep some things private.

Posting Every Single Detail of Your Relationship on Social Media

Aww, James bought me flowers today. So romantic. He called me 5 times today to tell me he loves me. I miss James. He cooked an awesome dinner. We’re going to take a walk and talk about our day.
If these are your Facebook posts and tweets on a daily basis, something is amiss. It’s great to share romantic, beautiful moments of you and your partner, but not every hour, on the hour. Be mindful of the content you are posting, and how much.

Laziness and Not Doing Your Part

At the beginning of a relationship, everything is new and fresh. You’re always calling each other, spending time together. And then, the “honeymoon” phase fizzles out and you’re stuck in a routine. Now, he’s not doing as much calling as he used to. She would rather hang out with friends than go on date night.
To keep your relationship thriving, there is work involved. Time, effort, and possibly a paycheck at the end.
No, really, it’s about doing your part and showing that you care. Do something spontaneous, just the two of you. Go out of your way to prep and plan a fun, romantic evening that you both will enjoy.
If your relationship starts to feel like a real job and a hassle, then start considering other options.

Discussing Issues Over the Phone

Emoticons and emojis can be confusing when you have several different faces to express one emotion. Use a bunch of keyboard characters(%$&!*#); they’ll get your drift.

Or take these words of advice: don’t discuss issues over the phone.
Messages not expressed face-to-face can get misconstrued. Instead of hiding behind the phone or computer screen, sit down and talk it out. Communication is key.

Don’t Bring the Past Into the Present

We all have a past. Maybe there was a previous relationship that rocked us to our core. But comparing lovers and bringing our baggage into the relationship, could mess up the connection before it’s even developed.
Before starting a relationship, consider what you’re bringing into the situation, and if you’re ready to move forward. 

Dealbreakers or Not

There are just some things in relationships that you can’t deal with. It may result in a breakup, but determine what you want, need, and what is best for you when it comes to love.
And if something in your relationship is bothering you, speak up. Be honest and open with your significant other.


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