Tips to stay safe on the Internet

Within the modern digital era that we live in today, we are constantly connected to the Internet either through a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.It has become easier than ever for government authorities, businesses and also hackers to track your movements online. An example is the use of tracking cookies by social media giant Facebook, which trace your IP address and Internet history in order to tailor the ads to you specifically. Here is an example of the kind of data that is collected:
We will show you the methods and techniques to browse the Internet care free, for peace of mind.

The best way to surf the web is anonymously using something called a proxy. When using a proxy your web browser doesn’t contact the website directly it goes through a proxy first masking your IP address. There are several methods to achieve this, you can configure your web browser to do so or use alternative software. First of all we will show you how to configure your web browser:

For Firefox:
1: Open Mozilla Firefox

2: Click Firefox tab

3:Click Options

4: Access Connection Settings. Click the Advanced tab, then the Network tab, then Settings

5: Chose the manual proxy configuration option. In the HTTP proxy field, enter your proxy server IP address. In the port field, enter your port number.

6:Click Ok to complete

Within Internet explorer the technique is a little different:

1: Open up Internet Explorer

2: Click on the Tools menu in the upper-right corner, and select Internet Options.
3:Click connections
4:Click Lan settings
5: Check “Use a proxy server for your LAN,” then enter your proxy IP address and port number.
6: Click Ok
Finally below is the technique within Google Chrome.
1: Open Google Chrome
2:Click on the options menu on the top right hand side

3: Click on settings

4: Click “Show advanced settings at the bottom of the drop down menu

5: Then click change proxy settings

6: Click Lan Settings, click on the Proxy server for your LAN” and enter your proxy settings.


Step 7 click ok and save your new settings.

You can also use third party proxies, there a large list of them available on the Internet to choose from.  Simply search for proxies on your desired search engine.



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