Giant Python Caught in United States

Giant Python Captured in South Florida

The 14.5-foot Burmese python was slithering around the Isles of Capri. 

Residents of the Isles of Capri got quite a shock Wednesday when a 14.5-foot Burmese python decided to slither up to a local real estate office’s door.
The critter was first spotted near the doorway of Beau Middlebrook’s Sun Realty office , WTSP reported.
“I always said living on the Isles of Capri brings you closer to nature,” the Realtor wrote on his Facebook page. “Here is some more evidence of that. Yesterday Capt. Bubby Hail (Florida’s Finest Fishing) was returning to the dock from a fishing charter and spotted this 14.5’ Burmese Python catching some sun on the deck behind my office. After a few minutes, it crawled under the wooden steps to my office lanai.”


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