Cape Town: expensive for accommodation, cheap for beer

Cape Town - A new survey conducted by GoEuro has revealed that Cape Town ranks 31st among the most expensive cities in the world for accommodation.

The price index study covered 60 000 properties - including Airbnb, 1 to 5 star hotels as well as hostels - in 150 different cities in order to analyse the price effect on the industry and how this affects travellers.

Unsurprisingly the index noted that many travellers are favouring shared accommodation options like Airbnb and hostels over traditional hotels. Another interesting point they picked up on, is the fact that millennials are taking a greater share of the market, helping hostels grow at a faster pace than the hotel industry.

iAfrica reports that while the Mother City ranked 31st overall at an average rate of $99 (R1 147 at R11.61/dollar) per night, it was 26th most expensive for hotels and 47th for Airbnb property.

New York topped the list with an average price of $246 (R2 852).

While travellers to the Cape Town may have to spend big bucks on beds, they get some relief the price of beer.

Comparing the price of 330ml of beer in 40 cities around the globe, GoEuro Beer Price Index found that the Mother City is the 19th cheapest in the world.

According to the index Warsaw, Poland is the cheapest city for beer overall with a dumpy costing a mere €0.79 (R11.38 at R14.47/Euro) and Oslo, Norway is the most expensive at €3.55 (R51.11) for a beer. 
Guess we'll just stick to water if we ever visit Oslo!


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