81 Year Old Woman Goes Sky Diving

'Age is nothing but a number' so says a Cliche... But a Chinese Grandma has come out to prove to the world that the Cliche is real.Ap987465747403
Min Deyu, from Shiyan City in central China's Hubei province, went to visit her son who lives in Australia in November when she decided she wanted to jump out of a plane.
It sounds unbelievable but it's true.
According to Xinhuanet News Agency."What's the big deal, I'm jumping," she said before skydiving from 12,000 feet.
After she saw her son, Min Xiong Jianping Deyu, skydive The  Beach and Beyond's Yarra Valley drop zone, she decided to give it a trial, she went for health checkup and did a little practice by jumping out of a plane that same day in tandem with a staff member.
"There is no training, the staff just told me some action essentials and precautions," Min Deyu said.
As she was in free fall for 60 seconds, Min Deyu made bird like actions and gave a thumbs up to those on the ground. Local media reported her excitement after the jump was contagious. The grin on Min Deyu's face says it all.





That was quite awesome


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