7 Dangerous Idols You Need to Let Go Of


Nothing’s wrong with the desire to improve your financial situation, but when money is your major driving force, it can ruin your life. Money as an idol will destroy relationships –including friendships and marriages – and the obsession of money will drive you in a pit that’s hard to get out of. When it comes to money, your focus should be contentment. Ask God to help and guide you and let Him to do the rest.

Material Possessions

Our society often has a preoccupation with material possessions, with media and advertisements calling us to go for more all the time. While certain possessions are necessary because they allow us to take care of our loved ones and ourselves, the overconsumption of material things is not. No matter how great the material possession, the obsession will always leave you empty.


Many of us are taught at an early age to strive for a success. While nothing is wrong with achieving success, when we consume our lives with the idea of success, we can travel down a road filled with fear, power-hungriness and greed, which separates us from the one who truly matters: God.


Avoid These At All Costs

Idolatry, or the worship of false idols is extremely dangerous because it creates a space where we choose possessions, desires and works of the flesh over God. While the Word warns us of these idols, many of us aren’t even aware we’re worshipping them. Let go of these seven idols right now.


By dictionary definition, power is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. Throughout history, power has influenced a lot of good, but when it is used as a tool for oppression; it reflects a lot of bad, a false idol that we need to step away from. But power doesn’t have to be coercive like the definition implies. As Christians, when we are in a position of influence and power, we don’t have to abuse it or others. We can use this power to reflect God and His message


This idol is so dangerous because it takes you completely away from God. When you have an addiction, you are relying on substances to make you whole. Whether your addiction is alcohol, drugs, food, even exercise, it is a fear-based destructive system. When you feel like you’re in a pit, call on the only One who can pull us out of it


Our economy and social structure is driven by hard workers and there are many positives that come from working hard, including career advancement, more money for your household and respect and admiration by family members and peers. But idolatry in work can be destructive, especially when we use it as a form of self-medication or we look to it for our esteem or satisfaction in life. Our work should reflect God. That includes seeking Him in all the work we do, and not relying on the work as a driver of our personal happiness.


In a culture so driven by appearance and status, it’s easy for narcissism to work its way in our hearts. But when we focus on the self, we let go of the needs and desires of others and ultimately, separate ourselves from God. Remember, Jesus’ new command was not to love the self more but to love one another more, as He loved us.


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