Two 12-Year-Old Girls Attempts To Kill Friend By Stabbing Her 19 Times

Wonders they say will never end, Wisconsin Police officers are investigating the attempted murder of a 12 year old girl by her friends who lured her into the wood.

"One suspect held the victim down while the other suspect stabbed her 19 times in the arms, legs and torso," Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack said at a Monday press conference.
The victim, despite having sustained several serious stab wounds to major organs, survived the attack and crawled out of the woods. A passing bicyclist spotted her and called 9-1-1, police said.
Jack said the two suspects, who were friends with the victim, planned the attack.
"Based on our investigation, it is believed that the suspects had planned to kill the victim for several months," he said.
A motive remains unclear, but Jack did say the suspects had an interest in a website "which was a collection of small stories about death and horror." That website has not been named.
The two suspects are being held on charges of attempted first-degree intentional homicide. They are expected to make their first court appearance Monday, at 2:30 p.m., Eastern time.
The victim remains hospitalized at Waukesha Memorial Hospital, where she is in stable condition.


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