Angelina Jolie And William Hague Campaign against sexual violence in conflict zones.

Foreign Secretary William Hague and UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie visit Nzolo camp. 
Angelina Jolie and Willliam Hague in Congo

Hollywood Actress and UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie is lending her voice against the scourge of sexual violence during war or conflicts. Also involve in the campaign is the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague.
The venue of the campaign is in the United kingdom where over delegates from 117 countries will gather to lend their support for the campaign.
The summit is the fruit of a two-year campaign by UN special envoy Jolie and Hague, who have visited the Democratic Republic of Congo and Bosnia to meet victims of rape during conflict.
As she opened the conference, Jolie said she and Hague had discussed a woman they met in Bosnia, who was still too ashamed to tell her son that she had been raped.
"This day is for her," said Jolie. "We believe it truly is a summit like no other."
Hague and Jolie will take part in meetings with youth delegates on Tuesday and on Wednesday are due to launch an international protocol.
On the sidelines of the summit on Thursday, Hague will chair a ministerial meeting on security in northern Nigeria in the wake of the kidnap of hundreds of schoolgirls by the Al-Qaeda-linked Boko Haram movement.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon – by video message – and US Secretary of State John Kerry will speak in a closing plenary session on Friday.
I  really hope this campaign will bring a lasting end to the heinous crime of rape as a weapon of warfare.
big ups to the organizers of this conference.


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