Amazing Flat Screen TV Cost $1.7M

tv 730x287 A $1.7m, 370 inch TV. And only 4 of these will be made.
A British TV maker by the name Titan is on the edge of breaking world record for producing the most expensive Flat Screen TV. The size of the TV is roughly the size of a football goal measuring about  370-inch, and it’s perhaps more apt describing this thing in meters – it’s 8m x 5m, for the record.
The TV sports 65 billion colors and weighs almost a tonne. And the cost actually excludes installation and delivery, which happens via a custom-built Hummer.
 The sad part is only four of the products is being manufactured and two is already sold, one was bought by a “British media millionaire”, while the other will sit on top of a hotel in Cannes, France.
The two remaining will be made-to-order once they’ve confirmed your genuine interest – this conversation starts when you email them on:


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