CIA Returns to Twitter: Refuses To confirm if this Is their First Tweet

The response were freaking high for a first-time Tweet, in less than seven days, one of the most controversial Spy Agency in the world, The CIA decided to officially join Twitter, the agency was able to garner 382,000 followers.
In their controversial nature, they refused to confirm if they have ever been on twitter. below is their tweet
We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet,” the U.S. intelligence agency tweeted on Friday at 10:49 am. The tweet was retweeted more than 213,000 times and favorited by more than 122,000 people.
Moreso, they announced they  won't be sharing classified information on Twitter.

“Thank you for the @Twitter welcome! We look forward to sharing great #unclassified content with you,” the spy agency tweeted Friday evening.
So, who is the CIA following? No one unexpected. The White House, the Twitter accounts of all the U.S. Armed Forces, the FBI, NASA and several others.
The CIA’s decision to join Twitter was met with mixed response.
“Welcome to Twitter! Can’t wait to work with you on [REDACTED] :-)” the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency tweeted.
We cross our hands to see what they are up too!



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