Nollywood actress, Ayo Adesanya who has a nine-year-old son in a recent talks about marriage.

The actress who was said to be married to movie producer/cum actor, Goriola Hassan who she had a son for has denied ever marrying him.
In her words: "I was never married to Goriola Hassan. We lived together and had a child. He is nine years old now. Reconciliation? I don’t want to talk about that. I have moved on and I guess he has moved on too".
Ayo on what she feels about actresses and failed marriage "It is not only actresses, other professionals experience failed marriages too. I just feel you shouldn’t marry someone in the same field because it has a lot of challenges.
When you are together, you do the same thing and then the home suffers for it".
But in a recent interview with her supposedly ex-husband that she denied ever marrying when asked about his relationship with Ayo Adesanya he said "Marrying Her Was Like Boarding A ‘One-Chance’ Vehicle".
When asked if she would give marriage another shot she said "I am still young (in my 40s) and will definitely get married someday. But I am still learning because there are many things I need to know"


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