Nigeria Introduces New Yellow Fever Card Effective From Oct 1, 2013

The Nigeria’s Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, on Monday urged travellers who were still using the old yellow card to replace them with the new encoded ones.
Chukwu, who said this while addressing newsmen in Abuja, said that foreign countries had been informed not to recognise the old card by October 1.
He noted that with the issuance of the yellow cards, it would no longer be possible for any Nigeria to leave the country without inoculation, adding: “We are setting a target that by October, the old card will no longer be valid.”
According to Onyebuchi, the old card has become so porous that anyone could fake it, while the new one has security features that would safeguard it against any form of fraud. The minister said it costs N1,000 and is available in all offices of portal services and all airports across the country.
He, however, allayed fears against inoculated on the basis that the injection results in fever, stating that the side effect is minimal and mild, as it only results in a mild headache, which fades within few minutes.


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