Tech : See why BlackBerry's BBM coming to Android, iPhone

Once considered unbeatable and a pioneer in the smartphone market, Canada-based handset maker RIM's move to offer its messenger service--the BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM as it is more popularly known-to Android and iPhone seems to be a sign of giving in to its competitors.BBM logo

In an official announcement, BlackBerry has said that its popular chat service BBM will be available for Android-powered phones from September 21 and for iPhone owners from September 22.

From tomorrow, Android-based smartphone users will be able to download BBM from Google play store. But its video and voice calling services won't be available on these two platforms as of now. 

Despite being the first and hugely popular instant messaging application the world over, BBM would cease to exist as an exclusive BlackBerry phone service from tomorrow. One of the reasons why many people end up buying BlackBerry's was its BBM service as it had revolutionised mobile communications.

It may come as a good news for many Android and iPhone users but for the Canadian tech major it's like succumbing to pressure from its rivals.

Through their constant product innovations and efficient marketing strategies, Apple and Samung Electronics have emerged as the world leaders in the smartphone market and have left BlackBerry far behind. 

Once a world leader, BlackBerry now is struggling to stay afloat in the ever-growing smartphone markets and its decision to open up the BBM for other platforms is an attempt in this direction. 

While BBM may get some more users on other platforms, what remains to be seen is how it will affect BlackBerry sales and services.


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