It is no news that Akon has started his Light Africa Project.  In partnership with a Chinese solar power manufacturer and founding a renewable solar powered energy  Company,  he has provided  electricity to approximately 16 million Africans in 15 countries, and this number continues to rise everyday.

By late 2017, it is estimated that Akon Lights Africa will be providing electricity to 80 million Africans.  There are currently 600 million Africans in remote areas who have no access to electricity.

Akon’s company is the fastest growing solar powered electricity provider in the world. His efforts and contribution to the African people are undeniably astonishing, staggering, and game-changing.  His project is profoundly influencing the future of Africa and through this example, clearly setting the stage for the shifts to come to our energy infrastructures.

33 gbosa to you Broda!


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