Instant Noodles Worth £32m To Be Destroyed by Nestle

Nestle 'Maggi' instant noodles are photographed in a shop in New Delhi
Indian Authorities are to destroy Noodles worth over £32m after finding it unsafe for human consumption.
The destruction of this large amount of item will deal a major blow to the Company as it is become one of the fastest growing brand in the country.
The products was ordered off the shop shelf when Officials discover that it contain high level of lead.
However, Nestle maintain that the products are safe to eat,
The standard limit of leads in the country is between 0.01 and 2.5 parts per million.
Consumption of excessive lead may result in damage of the bones, the nervous system, and kidneys.
It has also been associated with disorderliness in Children.
Nestle India is currently challenging the ban imposed by India's food safety regulator


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