Parents, 6 Sons, Accused Of Sexually Abusing Girl For Almost 10years!

Jackson family mug shots. (Photo: Perquimans County Sheriff's Office)
Police Authorities have arrested six brothers and their parents in connection of sexually abusing their youngest sister, the brothers whose age range from from 19 to 27, on May 6, with a number of crimes related to the alleged sexual abuse of their 16-year-old sister. The sheriff said the alleged abuse began when the girl was 4 years old and continued until she was almost 15.
The bubble busted when one of the boys  Eric Jackson, revealed to his Pastor  in Wake Forest, North Carolina, about the alleged abuse.   
Eric went further to inform the Police after his Pastor made him understand that what they were doing was wrong, on further investigation, two of his other brothers confirmed what he said.
However,  All six of the brothers were arrested on May 6 and are being held on a $150,000 bond. The parents are currently free on a $15,000 bond.
"I never thought this case would go anywhere because we could not get any cooperation, but they sealed their own fate when they moved to Colorado and that child was ready to talk," Tilley said.
The sheriff paused, and then added, "Nothing good will come out of this unless this young lady is able to move on."


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