Horrible! Teen girls gang raped and hanged in India

India is notorious for rape and it has added another negative record to that effect.
India has again shocked the world that the girl child is not safe within her territory...
 below is vivid detail of what happened..

In scenes reminiscent of the lynching of African Americans, extremely disturbing pictures of the two teenage girls found hanged from a mango tree after being gang-raped have been broadcast on Indian TV.
The girls, who were aged just 14 and 15 and are believed to be related, disappeared from fields near the village of Katra, in Uttar Pradesh state in the north of the country. The pair are believed to have gone into the fields to relieve themselves.
“There are no toilets in most homes here, so the girls had gone to the nearby fields,” a villager told a Hindi news website.
An autopsy showed the hanged girls had been raped and then strangled. Investigators have since made three arrests, including two police officers.
The Times of India reported that the one of the arrested officers is alleged to have assisted the gang-rapists, while the other had prevented the families from filing missing persons reports.  Perhaps the most sickening element of the case, these same constables are then alleged to have been the ones who reported the girls’ deaths to their distraught families.
 We are still investigating how the girls went missing and were allegedly raped and hung from a tree,” a senior police officer told the BBC.
National Commission of Women member Nirmala Samant, said:
“It’s a horrific crime, we will be sending a team there to investigate the matter.”
“The Government has promised that they will provide women safety. But it has not fulfilled yet.”
Hundreds of locals, outraged by police complicity in the epidemic of violence against women, held a silent protest on Wednesday 28th May, and prevented the police from reaching their bodies.  Women also mounted mass demonstrations in the regional capital of Lucknow, 160km from the village.
The anger is spreading across India, with protesters using the now familiar slogan ‘Bring back our girls’, first linked to the kidnapping of the 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria. Dalit women, traditionally regarded as “untouchables” in India, have this month staged a protest at the rise of rape cases of Dalit women in Haryana, in front of residence of its chief minister.
It is worth remembering what these brave women are up against.
Last month, the head of Uttar Pradesh’s governing party told an election rally he opposed the death penalty for gang rapists because:
“boys will be boys, and they make mistakes.”
What I see below is not a mistake, but the result of a society that permits men to treat women as property – to be used and discarded. This is where the horrors of the caste system and patriarchy collide; the result being violated, brutalized, and dead women.


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