Meet The Professor who Has predicted 30 years of presidential elections in the US Correctly

Allan Lichtman: “By the narrowest of possible margins, the keys ...

Not a lot of people predicted a Trump win before Election Day. But Allan Lichtman, author of “Predicting the Next President: The Keys to the White House 2016,” insisted that his historically based system for predicting elections pointed to a Trump win – and it looks like he was right (though it's important to point out, his system has correctly predicted the popular vote in each election – he picked an Al Gore win in 2000, and it looks like Hillary Clinton could win the popular vote and lose the electoral college this year). Our most recent interview, which first published 11 days before Election Day, is below.

Last month, the man who's tried to turn vote prediction into a science predicted a Trump win.

Allan J. Lichtman, distinguished professor of history at American University, said Democrats would not be able to hold on to the White House.

In the intervening weeks, the campaign was rocked by a series of events. The release of the Access Hollywood tape obtained by The Washington Post was followed by accusations from a growing list of women of various improprieties on Trump's part, ranging from verbal abuse and harassment to outright sexual assault. Fix founder Chris Cillizza named Trump the winner of the inauspicious “Worst Week in Washington” award for four weeks running. At the same time, WikiLeaks released internal Clinton campaign emails, and the U.S. government flatly accused the Kremlin of being involved. And let's not forget those presidential debates.

So plenty has changed. But one thing hasn't: Lichtman, author of “Predicting the Next President: The Keys to the White House 2016,” is sticking with his prediction of a Trump victory.

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