Miley Cyrus To Dance naked In a Show With Flaming Lips And The Audience

Miley Cyrus … fully clothed. For now.

In what may be a bid to created the most Googleable search term ever for a gig, Wayne Coyne has announced that Miley Cyrus will play a show naked, with the Flaming Lips – also naked – in front of a naked audience.

The Flaming Lips frontman posted on Instagram – alongside a split image of a seemingly unclad Lips and Cyrus – that Cyrus was planning the show for a forthcoming video for the song Milky Milky Milk, from the recent Miley Cyrus & her Dead Petz album.

He added that Cyrus and the Lips would play without clothes while “milk (well white stuff that looks like milk) is spewed everywhere”. The benefit of being naked, presumably, being that no one’s clothes are ruined by said white stuff.

Cyrus and the Lips are going out on the road in November and December as Miley Cyrus & her Dead Petz, playing six theatre and club shows in Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia and Boston. It is not known if any of those will be designated the naked show.

Both the Flaming Lips and Cyrus have previously disrobed in the name of art. Cyrus appeared naked in her video for Wrecking Ball, while Coyne was stripped of his clothes in the video for the Flaming Lips’ Watching the Planets.

Goodluck to you all..


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