World Health Organization Declares Liberia free of Ebola

After just recovering from a long decade of war, Liberia with other West African countries like Sierra-Leone, Guinea and Nigeria was hit with a deadly disease which claimed the lives of thousands of people in the past one year.
However, the World Health Organization has come out to anouce 'Liberia Ebola Free', this came on the heels of not detecting any new case in 42 days which is twice the maximum incubation period for the deadly disease.
In her comment, the President of Liberia,  President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf told The Associated Press the damage wrought by the worst Ebola outbreak in history is "a scar on the conscience of the world."
For some survivors, she said, "the pain and grief will take a generation to heal."
The United States of America through a correspondent has sent in a congratulatory message to the people of Liberia but urged it not to let down her guards until the entire region reaches and stays at zero Ebola cases," the statement said. 
Below is a picture showing Liberian women celebrating the end of Ebola scourge in their country


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