No Human Flesh Restaurant Found in Anambra- Police

The Nigerian Police has come out to debunk the rumor flying round the internet about an hotel in Anambra where human meats are being sold.
According to the report, the police, had on discovery of the restaurant, closed down the place.
But in a telephone interview on Sunday, the Police Public Relations Officer, Uche Eze, said, “There was nothing like that. I advise you to ignore that report. It’s not true and it did not happen. We don’t have such record. It’s embarrassing.”

However the BBC in its report, maintained that there was such restaurant in Awka.

It said, “Residents told police of rumours that the restaurant was cooking human meat for customers.

“Police then raided the restaurant, where they discovered fresh human heads that were still bleeding. The blood was in the process of being drained into a plastic bag.”

The report also noted that “in addition to the human meat menu served by the restaurant, authorities discovered automatic weapons, grenades, and cell phones. Ten persons had already been arrested for the crime.”

Efforts by newsmen in Awka to get the location or name of the restaurant yielded no results.


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