Darren Wilson Resigns From Police Force

The once peaceful  suburb of St. Louis, Missouri has in recent month turned into a riot zone as people protested over the death of a black teenager(Michael Brown ) who was shot and killed by a white police officer, (Darren Wilson).
The riot escalated when the Grand Jury announced that Officer Wilson will not be charged for murder, people went on rampage, destroying properties and burning houses.
Some few hours ago, Wilson's Attorney, Neil Bruntrager came out to announce the resignation of his client from the Police Force, he however refuse to make any further comment.

From Yahoo News: Wilson told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch he was stepping down out of his "own free will" after the police department told him it had received threats of violence if he remained an employee.
"I'm not willing to let someone else get hurt because of me," he told the newspaper.
A grand jury spent more than three months reviewing evidence before announcing Monday that it wouldn't indict Wilson, who had testified that he feared for his life when Brown hit him and reached for his gun. Some witnesses have said that Brown had his hands up when Wilson shot him following a confrontation in a street in Ferguson.
The U.S. Justice Department is conducting a civil rights investigation into the shooting and a separate investigation of police department practices.
Wilson's resignation didn't seem to affect protesters outside Ferguson police headquarters Saturday night.
Rick Campbell said he didn't care about the resignation, saying: "I've been protesting out here since August." Several other protesters merely shrugged their shoulders when asked about the resignation.
"We were not after Wilson's job," civil rights activist the Rev. Al Sharpton said in a written statement. "We were after Michael Brown's justice."
Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson didn't immediately return a message left on his cellphone seeking comment.
Wilson spent months in hiding and made no public statements following the shooting. Wilson, who recently got married, broke his silence after the grand jury decision, telling ABC News that he couldn't have done anything differently in the encounter with Brown.
Wilson said he had a clean conscience because "I know I did my job right." Brown's shooting was the first time he fired his gun on the job, he said. Asked whether the encounter would have unfolded the same way if Brown had been white, Wilson said yes.
Wilson began his career in nearby Jennings before moving to the Ferguson job a few years ago. He had no previous complaints against him and a good career record, according to Jackson, who called Wilson "an excellent police officer."
A few months before the shooting, Wilson had received a commendation for detaining a suspect in a drug case.


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