6 Evil Minded People That Were Literally Deleted From History

From time immemorial, evil men have unleashed their selves on the innocent, rich, weak and absolutely anyone they can reach out too, Sadly, Mother Nature folds its arms and watch until things really gets bad. Nevertheless, it still find a way of reacting even after there are long ago. Below are Six cruel leaders that were deleted from history..
Jang Song Thaek                                                 
In December 2013, the world was shocked at the execution of  Jang Song-thaek, the uncle of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un.  He fell out of power with the Supreme leader and was executed, after which  officials of KCNA has deleted his pictures from Official media and photos of him with other Korean leaders. 
Other evil people that were deleted from history include:
Nikolai Yezhov, Joseph Stalin's head of secret police
Joseph Stalin with Nikolai Yezhov photoshopped out     Stalin (center) with Nikolai Yezhov to his left. After Yezhov's execution, he was airbrushed out of the photo.

In the picture at the right side, we see that an image is missing. The missing person is Nikolai Yezhov, he was a Stalin loyalist who was known as ''The Vanishing Commissar'' he was responsible for the mass arrest and execution of people deemed to be disloyal to Joseph Stalin, however, he was also caught in the web of his death game as he was accused of being disloyal, after which he was arrested, tried, tortured and executed.
History also gave him what he deserved as his photos began disappearing immediately after his execution.

The fourth person whose photos was deleted from history is: Joseph GoebbelsHitler with Joseph Goebbels photoshopped out
Goebbels (second from right) appears with Adolf Hitler and others at the home of film maker Leni Riefenstahl in 1937. In later images, he is missing.

Joseph Goebells was appointed as the  Propaganda Minister of Adolf Hitler during World War II, he was an eloquent scholar, full of ideas and a core anti-semitism. he went all over Germany in campaign for the support of Hitler, he was not exempted from history's vengeance of removing them from memory.

Our third person that was erased from history is 

Leon Trotsky.

Lenin addressing the troops, Trotsky photoshopped out        Formerly close comrades, Trotsky appears in the image on the left at one of Lenin's speeches; the same image, altered after the two split, shows Trotsky deleted.

Leon Trotsky, was a strong face in the early days of the Union Soviet, he rose to the post of a leader during the Bolshevik revolution but fell out of favour with the ruling regime when he switched side from Vladimir Lenin to Mensheviks.

His photos was erased from history after the death of Lenin even after he re-joined the party. 

Another person whose photos was eliminated from history is:

 Bo Gu, senior leader of the Chinese Communist Party

Qin Bangxian, Bo Gu, and Mao Zedong photoshopped  
Bo Gu, far left, appears in the photo with Mao Zedong and comrades; in the later photo, he is missing.
Qin Bangxian, better known as Bo Gu, was the "person with overall responsibility of the CCP," and so had tremendous responsibility under leader Mao Zedong.
However, as a result of some miscommunication on tactical military defense at the Zunyi Conference during the Long March, Bo Gu was criticized for "serious partial political mistakes" and replaced in command by Zhang Wentian in 1935.
The exact miscommunication differs in most historical accounts, but it could be what led to Bo Gu's fallout with Mao Zedong, and therefore could have been the reason for his elimination from this photo.

The sixth person is:  
Grigoriy Nelyubov
Lost Cosmonaut Grigoriy Nelyubov photoshopped  
A founding member of the "Sochi Six," Nelyubov is eliminated in the later photograph.
Hand-picked for the first cosmonaut detachment in 1960, Nelyubov was a star choice for space flight for being "a remarkable person, an excellent pilot, a sportsman..."
A founding member of the top space team known as the Sochi Six, some say Nelyubov was the third or fourth person in space; others say he never made it into space before being expelled from the Soviet space program for alcohol-related misconduct. The incident led to his being deleted from program records.
Nelyubov was ultimately struck by a train and killed; his death was ruled a suicide.



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