Biography of Adama Barrow- President-elect in Gambia

Adama Barrow

Biography of Adama Barrow- President-elect of Gambia

Born in 1965, the year of Gambian independence.
Member of the Fula ethnic group,
Reportedly worked as a security guard at Argos in the early 2000s while studying in UK
Returned home in 2006 to set up property business
Supports English Premier League football team Arsenal ("You can change your politics, but never can you change your favourite football team!)
Nominated as the candidate for coalition of seven opposition parties, promising greater respect for human rights
A devout Muslim who is reportedly married with two wives and five children.

In the mid 2000s, he lived in the UK for several years, where he reportedly worked as a security guard at the Argos catalogue store in north London,  While studying for his real estate qualifications.
It was even said he arrested a British citizen shoplifter that was sentenced to prison.
Adama Borrow was an underdog who came to fame after the arrest  of UDP leader,
Ousainou Darboe, a long time opposition of Mr Jammeh, who was detained months before the 1 December election after leading a protest over the alleged death of an activist in police custody.
Mr Darboe's absence may have forced the opposition parties to rally behind one candidate. He was freed on bail after the opposition won the election.
Mr Barrow, has two wives and five children, according to the Gambian newspaper The Point.
He was especially popular among young voters who have been badly hit by the country's struggling economy.
On 15 January 2017, his eight-year-old son Habibu Barrow died reportedly after being bitten by a dog.
Mr Barrow couldn't attend his son's funeral as he was advised to remain in Senegal for his safety ahead of his inauguration planned for 19 January.
Many thousands of Gambians have made the perilous journey to Europe in search of jobs.
So The Gambia's new leader has great expectations on his shoulders - as he makes history in a country which has not had a smooth transfer of power in his lifetime.


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