Husband's Furious family Call For a Divorce after his Wife is Caught kissing a CAMEL

The family of a Saudi man whose wife was seen giving a camel a kiss have demanded he divorce his brideThe family of a man in Saudi Arabia have demanded he divorce his wife after his mother witnessed his bride kissing a camel.
Bizarrely, the woman's mother-in-law was left furious after witnessing the exchange and her demands to end the marriage have prompted a massive family dispute.
Despite the protestations of the couple who remain happy together, the wife is now too scared to return to her husband's home where her mother-in-law also lives.
But her furious mother-in-law considered it a breach of social and religious norms and demanded her son divorce her.
According to the news site, the woman moved back to her own family's home and was now reluctant to return to her husband because she felt her mother hated her.
The couple stated they wished to remain together, but she felt her mother-in-law was using the camel kiss as an excuse to attack her.
She added this may be because she had not given birth to a baby, and hoped the dispute could be resolved so she could live in peace with her husband.

Source: Daily Mail


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